How to Monetize Desktop Bridge App with Windows Store

1. Enable UWP API support in Converted App:

a. If the payment project is above .NET 4.6.1:

Announcing “UWPDesktop” NuGet Package Version 14393

  1. b. If the payment project is lower than .NET 4.6.1, or C++, or VB, create a UWP Wrapper, and call interop functions created in the UWP Wrapper. Refer to:

2. Call UWP API to implement the monetize logic in the payment project:


使用桌面桥的 Windows 桌面应用程序必须执行额外步骤来配置 StoreContext 对象,然后才可以使用此对象。 有关详情,请参阅本部分

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Sample code:




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