How to fix “Invalid Package Identity Name” error when submit Desktop Bridge (Centennial) converted application to Windows Store

After successfully converted Win32 app with Desktop Application Convert, and passed Windows Application Certificate Kit test, you may still meet this kind of error message when submit this app to Windows Store:

Invalid package identity name: MyTestApp (expected: 38323MyAccount.MyTestApp)Invalid package family name: MyTestApp_xx232xxxxxxxx (expected: 38323MyAccount.MyTestApp_ xx232xxxxxxxx)

This is because the PackageName was not set correctly when converting the app with DAC. Try using below command pattern to solve this issue:

DesktopAppConverter.exe -Installer D:\Release -Destination d:\output -PackageName “38323MyAccount.MyTestApp -Publisher “CN=xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx” PackagePublisherDisplayName “My Account” -PackageDisplayName “MyTestApp” -AppDisplayName “MyTestApp” -AppID “MyTestApp” -Version -makeappx -AppExecutable “MyTestApp.exe” -packagearch x86




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